Qstock announces more acts


Qstock Festival add another 11 top Finnish acts to their bill. Newly confirmed acts for next summer’s festival include metal giant Amorphis who just celebrated their 30th anniversary, BEHM who rocketed to the frontline of Finnish music with her debut album, and Elastinen who recently released another, long-awaited solo album.

The other confirmations are Erika Vikman, Erin, Gasellit, Kolmas Nainen, Maustetytöt, Samuli Putro, Teflon Brothers and william.

Previously announced acts for next year include Nightwish, JVG, The Darkness (UK), SANNI and Battle Beast. The confirmed programme so far can be found at Programme-site. The bill will be further complemented early next year, when also the specific dates for acts will be confirmed.

“It has been wonderful to see that when the festival was cancelled, most of our customers decided to save their ticket for next year. This has a great significance to us and we feel grateful and honoured. Regardless of the current situation, there seems to be a feeling of positive anticipation about next summer among the festival organisers. Of course no one of us has a crystal ball and we are keeping an active eye on the situation, but at the moment we are feeling confident that we are building the best Qstock Festival ever for next summer,” comments Festival Director Mikko Forstén.

All ticket types for Qstock are being sold via Ticketmaster’s ticketing channels.

Tickets bought for summer 2020 festival which was cancelled due to the coronavirus will be valid as such for the 2021 festival. One-day tickets for Friday or Saturday can be switched for another one-day ticket unless the category in question has been sold out. A Ticketmaster processing fee of 4 euros must be paid for the ticket change.

A ticket can also be updated to a two-day or VIP ticket by paying the price difference plus Ticketmaster processing fee. All ticket changes and updates must be made at Ticketmaster ticketing locations by 1 April 2021.

More details can be found at Tickets-site.

Qstock 2021 will be arranged in the area of Kuusisaari and Raatti islands in Oulu on 30 and 31 July 2021.