If you need an assistant because of your disability, they can acquire their free wristband from the wristband exchange tent near the festival’s main gates. The assistant must be accompanied by the assisted person who already holds a ticket.

The need for an assistant must be verified with an official document stating a permanent need for assistance. Such documents include:

  • EU Disability Card marked with the symbol ‘A’
  • Medical certificate
  • Membership card for the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (more than 65 percent degree of disability)
  • Medical certificate stating that the degree of visual impairment is more than 65 percent

We cannot estimate or determine any diagnoses or the need for an assistant at the wristband exchange – therefore it is advisable to obtain a certificate beforehand.

Only one assistant per assisted person is entitled to a free wristband. The assisted person must have a Qstock ticket or a wristband already exchanged.

Wheelchair Platforms

There are wheelchair platforms next to the engineering towers at the Main Stage, Samsung Stage, Circus Tent and Rytmiranta Beach Stage. We have posted guiding signs to show you the correct route. There are many paved passageways in the area to facilitate moving from place to place.

Accessible Toilets

Almost every toilet area has accessible toilets. In Kuusisaari VIP area there aren’t any accessible toilets, but you can find them in the general toilet area, which is right next to the Kuusisaari VIP area. In close proximity to NMKY-house, you can find an accessible toilet with an entry tent, giving you more space and making the visit more comfortable.

Toilet Card

We acknowledge the IBD Toilet Card (Vessapassi in Finnish). The purpose of the card is to give people with intestinal disorders the opportunity to access the nearest toilet immediately. An IBD / Vessapassi sticker on the toilet door is a sign to other toilet users that a person with the card has an illness that requires rapid toilet use and therefore also the right to pass the queue.

Accessibility at VIP-areas

There is a handicap-accessible toilet in the main VIP area. In Kuusisaari VIP-area there is no accessible toilet, but you can find one in the general toilet area, which is right next to the Kuusisaari VIP-area.

For security’s sake, handicap taxis cannot drive into the festival area.

During the festival, the guest check-in and cloakroom are located on the second floor of Raatti Sports Centre. However, we have arranged accessible VIP-services (Check-in, cloakroom and security check) for customers with mobility issues at the VIP-info. The VIP-info is located in the VIP-area, and we will arrange a security guard to guide customers to the right place.

Accessible Taxis

For security’s sake, handicap taxis cannot drive into the festival area.