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Amorphis to Qstock – changes in the schedule!

With the cancellation of Limp Bizkit, Antti Tuisku will headline the Qstock Main Stage on Saturday instead. The second last Main Stage slot will be filled by Amorphis, one of the leading Finnish metal groups who will bring their most magnificent live show to date to Qstock following the release of their album Halo in February. 

”In this time frame, we were really lucky that Amorphis could arrange to play at Qstock. The production of their show is simply massive, so we will see something really spectacular in the late Saturday evening,” Festival Director Mikko Forstén comments. 


The new showtimes for Saturday’s last acts per stage are as follows: 


Amorphis 20:30–21:45  

Antti Tuisku 22:45–00:00  


Vesala 21:45–22:45  


Ruusut 22:45–23:45  


Wheel 21:45–22:45  


Hegemonia 21:45–22:30 

We would like to remind the audience that Saturday tickets can be returned to Ticketmaster for a refund until 11.59 p.m. on Sunday 24 July. The returned tickets will be released for re-sale on Ticketmaster ticketing channels on Monday 25 July at 9 a.m. 

Return form in English 

  • The return always concerns the entire order and all the tickets in the same order.
  • If an event is cancelled, only the price of the ticket will be refunded, according to the terms of the transaction. The refund does not cover Ticketmaster processing or delivery fees or the ordering fee.
  • The price of a ticket is always refunded to the original buyer.