Principles of a safer space

Qstock uses the principles of a safer space, which aim to ensure a safer festival experience for every participant, be it a festivalgoer, a volunteer or an artist. By following these instructions, you are doing your part for a safer experience for everyone. 💛 

  • Keep the general mood cheerful. 
  • Don’t make assumptions. Ask if you are unsure about anything. Communication is key!
  • Respect the boundaries, wishes and personal will of others.
  • Always ask permission before touching any other person
  • Let everyone be themselves, including you!
  • Alert a nearby employee if you see discrimination, harassment, or improper behaviour.
  • Remember to enjoy the music and the atmosphere, and have fun💛


First aid

First aid at the festival is organised by a group of healthcare professionals. If there is a need for a patch-up or exhaustion takes over during the festival, the first aid workers can be found at their station in the first aid tent during the festival’s opening hours. The first aid tent is located near the Koomalava stage.


Harassment contact person and harassment report

Qstock has a harassment contact person on duty throughout the festival week. If necessary, you can meet them face-to-face or contact them either by e-mail or by using the harassment report form. The e-mail address and report form will be published on Monday 22 July.  

The harassment contact person is present at the event for employees, festival guests, and performers. If you wish, you can get help through discussions and counselling for solving possible difficult situations.

Meeting with the harassment contact person on festival days:

In the event of an uncomfortable situation, reach out to the first aid station in the festival area. You will be directed to the harassment contact person’s reception from there. he first aid tent is located near the Koomalava stage.

The harassment contact person is available: 

Fri 26 July from 14:00 to 00:30  

Sat 27 July from 14:00 to 00:30


Harassment report form

The harassment contact person goes through the reports daily between 22 July 2024 – 11 August 2024 and reacts to them within 24 hours. They will contact the giverof the report either by email or by phone in case a call request has been submitted. The caller’s time preference will betaken into account.


Entry check

Customers will pass an entrance check at the gates of the festival area. This is done to ensure the safety and comfort of the festivalgoers. By leaving all prohibited items at home or in the cloakroom at Linnansaari, you will ensure a trouble-free experience for everyone.  

All festivalgoers are asked to show the contents of their bag at the festival gates. Bags are checked lightly, making sure your privacy is being protected. Refusing the entry check leads to entry being denied.  

In general, all items suitable for harming another person are on the list of prohibited ones. The list can be found below. For example, a raincoat is a much more fun option for fellow partygoers compared to an umbrella.


Allowed and prohibited items

Allowed items:   

  • 2 pcs 100 ml gel or foamy hand sanitizer 
  • Sunscreen (cream/grease, NO aerosol bottles) 
  • Unopened plastic soft drink bottles max. 0.5 l (max. 4 pcs.) 
  • Empty plasticsoft drink bottles max. 0.5 l (no quantity limit) 
  • Small snacks in closed shop packaging (no glass containers) 
  • System cameras (one lens attached to the body is allowed, but no tripods or additional flashes) 
  • Pocket cameras 
  • Cell phone cameras 
  • Flags/Banners (without poles) 
  • Backpack-type camping chair (camping chair as such cannot be brought into the festival area)
  • Small backup power sources (Power Bank) 
  • Smile and happiness!


Prohibited items:

  • Glass bottles 
  • Cans 
  • Sealable containers (thermos ones, etc.) 
  • Hard plastic beverage bottles 
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Umbrellas 
  • Heavy/long keychains 
  • Aerosol bottles (hairspray, sprayable insecticide, etc.) 
  • Bike tyre pumps 
  • Bladed weapons, multi-tools, explosives, torches, etc. 
  • Barbed combs 
  • Selfie sticks 
  • Video cameras and recording devices (permitted only for media representatives with separate video permit)
  • Separate additional flashes and camera tripods for system cameras 
  • Remote-controlled photography helicopters and drones 
  • License-free safety sprayers 
  • Walkie-talkies 
  • Laser pointers 
  • Ice packs 
  • Poles/sticks for flags and banners 
  • Pets 
  • Attention vestssimilar to festival staff uniform
  • Irritation and bad mood


Protect your hearing

The noise levels can get high in the festival area, depending on your location. Remember to protect your hearing if necessary. Earplugs are sold at certain stalls in the festival area, at the counters in the bar areas, and at the festival info. 


Crowd surfing

Crowd surfing means lifting and supporting people above the crowd. In accordance withalmost all leading European festivals, crowd surfing is prohibited also at Qstock to avoid dangerous situations.


Qstock cooperates with the regional authorities in all matters related to safety.