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Qstock announces new acts – The Prodigy (UK) to reappear in Oulu!

The Prodigy from England are Saturday headliners at Qstock festival in Oulu, Finland, this summer. Known for their hits such as Firestarter, Breathe, and Out Of Space, The Prodigy are one of the most successful electronic music groups of all time. The tragic passing of singer/dancer Keith Flint five years ago was a massive loss, but now The Prodigy are back on the road and have proven to be fit as ever. 

Many remember The Prodigy’s appearance at Qstock in 2016 as one of the best performances in the history of our festival. It is fantastic that we shall get to relive the experience this coming summer. The group will arrive in Qstock with a massive production, so we can expect no less than a magnificent show.” states Festival Director Mikko Forstén. 

Recently confirmed leading Finnish artists include Ellinoora and Etta, both of whom are releasing new music in the spring, as well as Samuli Putro who is celebrating his 20-year solo career this year. Other newly confirmed acts are Anna Puu, Hugo, Ahti, Bloodred Hourglass, Pariisin Kevät, Ursus Factory, Mirella, Costi and Lost Society.  

All in all, Qstock will feature about 70 acts on seven different stages. 

Qstock’s daily programme will be announced on Friday 23 February at 9 a.m. At the same time, the sales of one-day and two-day tickets will begin on Ticketmaster’s ticketing channels. 

Qstock is organised on Kuusisaari and Raatti islands in Oulu on 26–27 July 2024. Qstock has been sold out for ten consecutive times, and it has established a status as one of the biggest festivals in Finland, attracting 40 000 visitors over two days.